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Our Team of Specialists

Mr Douraid Abbas

General Surgeon / Bariatric Surgeon


Mr Abbas began his medical career in Brisbane, Queensland.

As a junior consultant (Fellow), Mr Abbas worked at the Geelong Hospital gaining further training in breast, thyroid, colorectal and bariatric surgery from leading surgeons in these fields.

Other interests include colorectal surgery and haemorrhoid treatment via Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation – Recto-Anal Repair (HAL-RAR), an operation designed to eradicate haemorrhoids using a Doppler guided probe to locate and ligate all the arteries supplying the haemorrhoids.

Mr Abbas has a keen interest in Bariatric Surgery and has worked with leading bariatric surgeons in both Brisbane and Geelong Hospitals. He performs various bariatric surgeries and is passionate about tackling the nations growing obesity epidemic. Mr Abbas developed the Ballarat Obesity Interest Group; a regular meeting for health professionals to develop their understanding of obesity, improve their knowledge and to work towards improving this major health issue.

Mr Abbas operates at St John of God Hospital Ballarat, Ballarat Health Services – Base Hospital, the Ballarat Day Procedure Centre, Camperdown Hospital, Colac Hospital and Bacchus Marsh Hospital. He also teaches medical students for Deakin University and the University of Notre Dame.

Along with his wife and three children, Mr Abbas moved permanently to Ballarat in early 2014.

Patients can be referred to see Mr Abbas at Melton Specialist Clinic by faxing a doctor’s referral to his main rooms on 5331 2979.


Mr Abbas treats both Private and Public patients.
In Ballarat he operates at St John of God Hospital, Ballarat Health Services – Base Hospital and the Ballarat Day Procedure. He also operates at Bacchus Marsh Hospital and Colac Hospital, where his main rooms have access to the public lists.


*Bariatric (weight loss) Surgery (performed in Ballarat only)
*Breast Cancer Management & Surgery
*Laparoscopic Hernia Repairs
*Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

*Carpal Tunnel Surgery
*Pilonidal Sinus Surgery
*Varicose Vein Surgery
*Minor day case procedures including Excision of Skin lesions/lipomas/toe nails

Endoscopy: Colonoscopy & Gastroscopy – including “OPEN ACCESS” options

Endoscopy services can be done following consultation with Mr Abbas, or done on an “open access” basis. If the GP believes the patient is fit for the procedure without a formal consultation prior, they may complete Mr Abbas’s “Open Access Referral” form and fax to his Ballarat rooms. Staff will then contact the patient to organise dates, paperwork etc. The patient will then have a consultation followed by the required procedure on the day of service.

For privately insured patients, these procedures are performed at the Ballarat Day Procedure Centre. All costs from the surgeon will be covered by the patient’s insurance – with no out of pocket fees. Pathology/Histology will be bulk billed; the only out of pocket costs incurred will be any excess relating to the patient’s individual cover, and an out of pocket fee from the anaesthetist.

For public patients, we have theatre lists available at both Bacchus Marsh and Colac Hospitals – these rural locations have much shorter waiting lists than the major hospitals – 3 months being the average timeframe.
*BMI 40 or over excludes patients from Bacchus Marsh * Colac Hospitals.