Gp Information


Melton Specialist Clinic request that referrals are faxed through to the clinic. Our specialists will triage the referrals and then patients will be contacted regarding an appointment.

As some of our specialists are visiting specialists, we recommend that you visit our Team of Specialists page first before faxing the referral, or feel free to contact the clinic for details on where to send referrals too.

In a situation whereby we receive a referral for a visiting specialist we will aim to forward this onto their main rooms within 24 hours. To avoid delays we request referrals are faxed directly to the main booking location.

Our specialists are happy to receive new referrals. We endeavour to see your patients as soon as feasible however in circumstances whereby there is a long waiting period, one of our admin staff may contact your patient to offer an appointment at one of their other locations.

When providing a referral please include patients full demographics & contact details, medical history and a copy of all investigations.

Referrals are to be made out annually or an indefinite basis. Before the expiration of the current referral, patients are required to return to their referring doctor to obtain an updated referral before the patient is seen by our specialist. We are unable to accept back dated referrals.

If your patient attends an appointment without an updated referral, we will not be able to process the Medicare Rebate which will result to the patient paying for their consultation on the day in full.

We will do our very best to send out reminders to our mutual patients advising when they require an updated referral from their GP.